Scientific Program:


Advances in Pharmacology Adverse Drug Reaction and Treatment
Behavioral Pharmacology Bioequivalence and Bioavailability
Cardiovascular Pharmacology Clinical Pharmacology & Receptor Therapy
Clinical Research and Drug Legislation Dental pharmacology
Drug Delivery and Formulation Drug Design and Discovery
Drug Screening and Discovery Environmental Pharmacology
Environmental Toxicology and Human Toxicology EthnoPharmacology
Food and Chemical Toxicology Genotoxicity
NeuroPharmacology & PsychoPharmacology Nursing Pharmacology
Pediatrics Pharmacology Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products
Pharmacoepidemiology Pharmacogenetics and Pharmacogenomics
Pharmacogenomics Pharmacokinetics
Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics Pharmacology
Pharmacotherapy and Posology Pharmacovigilance and Drug Safety
PsychoPharmacology Safety pharmacology
Systems pharmacology Theoretical Pharmacology
Toxicology Others

Topics of Interest:

Action Of Drugs Ethics in Clinical Pathology
Acute Myocardial Infarction EthnoPharmacology Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology
Advances In Health Care Technology Exotoxicology Pharmaceutical Sciences
Pharmaceutical Analytical methods Experimental Pharmacology Pharmacodynamics
Adverse Drug Events Family Healthcare Pharmacoepidemiology
Adverse Drug Reaction Food Toxicology Pharmacogenetics
Applied Pharmacy Practice Gastroenterology Pharmacogenomics
Applied Pharmacy Services Gene Therapy Pharmacognosy
Applied Toxicology General Preventive Medicine Pharmacology
Biochemistry General Surgery Pharmacotoxicology
Biomarkers Genetic Toxicology Pharmacovigilance and Drug Safety
Biotherapeutics Genotoxicity Pharmakinetics
Cardiovascular Pharmacology Gynecology Plastic Surgery
Chemical Toxicology Health Care And Technology Preventive And Social Medicine
Child Healthcare Health Care Reform Preventive Healthcare
ChronoPharmacology Health Care System Primarey Care Medicines
Clincal Pharmacology Healthcare Research Primary Care Cancer
Clinical Data Management Hematology Primary Care Clinic Management
Clinical Diagnosis Human Genomics Primary Care Internal Medicine
Clinical Medicine Immunology PsychoPharmacology
Clinical Pharmacists ImmunoPharmacology Public Health And Preventive Medicine
Clinical Pharmacology Immunotoxicology Pulmonary And Critical Care Medicine
Data Mining In Drug Discovery Intermittent Preventive Treatment Pulmonary/Respiratory
Data Mining Techniques Internal Medicine Pulmonology
Dental Pharmacology Maternal Fetal Medicine Radiology
Drug Abuse Mental Health Services Regional Primary Care
Drug Development Research Metabolic/Endocrinology Rheumatology
Drug discovery Microbiology Safety Pharmacology
Drug Drug Interaction Molecular Pathology Sports Medicine
Drug Regulation Molecular Toxicology Stochastic Control
Drug Safety Nanotechnology Targeted Therapy
Drug therapy Nephrology Theoretical Pharmacology
Drug Toxicity And Efficacy Neuro Therapy Toxicology
Emergency Care And Medicine Neurology Vaccines
Emergency Medicine Primary Care NeuroPharmacology Womens Health
Endocrinology Neuroscience Oncology & Cancer
Environmental Pharmacology Nutrition Ophthalmology
Ethical Issues In Health Care Oncology & Cancer Other